Amorphous Silica – There has been a significant move towards sustainable practices within the pest control industry in the USA alone, emphasizing natural products. A recent market analysis projects that by 2028, the global biopesticide market will be worth $13.9 billion, growing at a CAGR of 15.9% from 2023. This growth underscores an ascendant tide toward organic as well as natural bug repellents, where diatomaceous earth takes center stage. 

Derived from Amorphous Silica, the organic pesticide known as AgriDiatomSil is manufactured by MegaSilica. When it comes to pest control, particularly in agricultural settings, it is known for being non-toxic and environmentally beneficial. As a replacement for the use of chemical toxins, this substance is effective against a wide variety of pests, including insects and mites, because it mechanically dehydrates or dries them out.

Understanding Amorphous Silica

The fossilized remains of diatoms, which are a type of hard-shelled algae, are used to produce amorphous silica, which is a form of silicon dioxide. Unlike its crystalline forms, amorphous silica doesn’t cause any health problems and can be used safely in both residential and agricultural areas. Because of its unique abrasive nature and high porosity, it is an excellent adsorbent and a mechanical insecticide. 

How Does Amorphous Silica Work Against Pests?

Amorphous Silica’s technique of eradicating pests is a physical one without chemicals in it. This is because these extremely minute particles have pointed ends capable of breaking down the protective wax on the exoskeletons of insects. They dehydrate the insects through this process and ultimately kill them without any poisonous substances involved.

Embracing the Benefits of Amorphous Silica Packed AgriDiatomSil

  • Harmless for humans and animals: When used correctly, AgriDiatomSil does not have any negative impact on humans and pets as it is non-toxic, unlike chemical insecticides. This makes it much safer than other options for pest control in homes or environments that are frequently visited by people and domesticated animals.
  • Wide range pest control effectiveness: AgriDiatomSil has been reported to record 100% mortality with adult rice weevils, among other insect pests in agriculture and animal ectoparasites.
  • Plant Growth Enhancement And Protection: A thin layer of amorphous silica-packed AgriDiatomSil applied to seeds reduces fungal growth and improves germination. Accordingly, this dual action promotes healthier crop development while protecting against pests.
  • Environmental Safety: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), amorphous silica is safe for use as a nano-bio-pesticide. Due to its environmental safety, it is considered the best option for sustainable practices in pest management.

Harnessing the Power of Nature

The procedure of incorporating amorphous silica into agricultural and gardening practices is an easy one. To build a barrier against pests, it can be sprinkled around plants and entry points, or it can be sprayed directly into the soil. When combined with other natural methods, such as biological controls and cultural practices, it can be utilized for comprehensive pest management.


There is a connection between nature’s ability to control pests and maintain good plant health through amorphous silica. If farmers can take advantage of organic insecticides and soil conditioners rich in silicon, they can produce successful crops that reduce the environmental impact.

If you are looking for an organic and environmentally friendly way to control pests, MegaSilica has your back. We have a wide range of agricultural products, including AgriDiatomSil, derived from silicon that leads to increased plant health, resilient crops, and an eco-friendly future. Embrace the full potential of amorphous silica in your garden or farm and see how it can change things for the better.