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AgriDiatomSil Insecticide

AgriDiatomSil is a freshwater, food-grade diatomaceous earth-derived organic insecticide that when used will induce the natural defense mechanism of the plant and increase resistance against insects and pests.

Description of AgriDiatomSil

  • AgriDiatomSil is a natural, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective product for effective pest control.
  • AgriDiatomSil is a natural pest control:
    • It is 100% organic, non-toxic & safe.
    • It acts on pests mechanically and not chemically.
  • It works well with our other product, MegaSilica:
    • Both products are organic, non-toxic, and of natural origin.
    • They protect plants against insects, pests, and fungal infections.
    • Both our pest control and soil conditioner products will provide complete protection for the plants.

Mode of Action

  • Pests are killed when they ingest pest control particles. Once particles adhere to the pest’s body, the lethal action begins.
  • Dust formulations have a physical and biological mode of action.
  • The particles damage the outer protective layer of the membrane:
    • Plugging of spiracles
    • Perforations of the walls of the trachea and tracheoles
    • Separating the hard shell from the soft body
    • Absorption of wax, causing dehydration
    • Starvation of the larvae

Main Benefits of AgriDiatomSil

  • Long-term effectiveness as it interrupts the breeding cycle of the pests.
  • There are reduced health risks for humans, animals & birds when compared to traditional pesticides.
  • It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • It helps in improving crop production and reduces overall plant stress.

Application Method

Foliar Spray: Should be applied before flowering (every 20 days for the first 3 months, after that apply once every month)

  • Mix 1 kilogram of product with 200 liters of water for 1 acre.
  • Mix 10 kilograms of product with 2000 liters of water for over 10 acres.
  • Agitate the tank frequently to prevent the settling of solids.

Paste Method: 

  • Use it to make a natural pest control paste.
  • Apply properly to create a thin layer on all surfaces of the plant to prevent missing the cracks and crevices of the bark and under the loose scaly bark of the main stem.
  • Pest control: 100 grams of powder per plant twice a year (100 kilograms/acre).
  • Soil conditioner: 100-gram granules per plant once in a year (100 kilograms/acre).