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Active Silicon Dioxide as a Soil Conditioner

Our silicon dioxide-based soil conditioner has been certified for 100% organic input. The material contains amorphous silica and is very cost-effective. The cost of silica-based conditioner is recovered in the increased crop yield.

Silicon deficiency in soil is recognized as being a critical factor for optimal crop production. Numerous greenhouse and field experiments have shown the benefits of adding silica-based conditioners for improving crop production and quality.

What sets our product apart is that it is made of amorphous diatomaceous earth and its granular form helps absorb and disperse water when the plant or crop needs it. The availability of active silicon results in optimizing nutrition intake by the plant or crop.

Soil Conditioner

Benefits of Silicon

  • Improved cell structural strength, reducing the incidence of lodging. Si accumulates in the epidermal tissues, increasing the mechanical stability of the plant.
  • Improved resistance to pathogens and insect attacks. Si deposition in the epidermis tissues provides a physical barrier to pathogens and insects.
  • Improved photosynthetic activity. The improved structure of the plant has been shown to improve its ability to capture light.
  • Reduced drought and heat stress. The deposition of Si in the plant tissues reduces transpiration rates.
  • Reduced salt stress by inhibiting sodium absorption.
  • Improved utilization of applied fertilizers, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Alleviates the toxicities of iron, manganese, cadmium, aluminium and zinc.

How Does It Work?