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MegaSilica is an amorphous silicon-based organic soil conditioner that supplies available silica to plants. It improves the nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasing them when required. It increases water retention and provides improved aeration in soil. Collectively, these benefits of organic soil conditioners increase yield and quality of crops and plants.

Organic soil conditioner is basically amorphous silica. Plant-available silica actively boosts plants' ability to withstand stresses from disease, insects, and environmental pressure. This is the only growing medium that energizes and actually feeds your plants. Although silicon is an abundant element, it is mostly locked up in crystalline form, and plant-available silica is only available from amorphous silica.

Cost Advantages of Organic Soil Conditioner

 Using MegaSilica will reduce consumption of fertilizers (NPK) through optimization of soil by approximately 15% - 25%
 Yield per acre will increase by 15% - 30%
 Vegetables will have a healthier look
 Fruits will be bigger in size and number
In floriculture, plants and flowers will be bigger and healthier
 Sugarcane stems will be thicker and taller in height
 Number of rice grains per plant will be more
 In cassava, roots will be thicker and juicy
 Reduced irrigation frequency resulting in lower costs


  • Rice: 165 lbs per acre
  • Cotton: 110 lbs per acre
  • Sugarcane: 110 lbs per acre
  • Soya Bean: 165 lbs per acre
  • All other agricultural crops: 110-165 lbs per acre
  • Tobacco: 55 lbs per acre
  • Vegetables: 110 lbs per acre
  • Fruit plants: 8-12 ounces per plant (to be applied near roots)
  • In flowering plants: 4-8 ounces per plant (to be applied near roots)
  • Established trees: 2 lbs per tree
  • Turf and Landscaping: 2 1/2 lbs per 1000 square feet
  • Broadcast spread and incorporated into the top 10-20 cm using an off-set disc plough or rotary hoe for sugarcane. Generally all SiO2 is applied to soil before planting.


  • Increases plant growth, flowering and fruiting
  • Increases crop yield and quality of crop
  • Is rich source of plant available silicon
  • Has high water holding capacity
  • Neutralizes aluminum toxicity
  • Unlocks phosphate and makes it available to plant
  • Reduces use of conventional fertilizers from 25-30%
  • Protects plants against insect, pests and fungal infection
  • Leads to a reduction in irrigation and gives drought resistance to plants
  • Increases plants resistance to salt intoxication
  • Increases soil porosity
  • Gives strength to roots and stem of plant
  • Dramatically increases the cation exchange capacity, stimulating the absorption of nutrients
  • Will increase carbon sequestration
  • The results are visible within 15-20 days initially in the form of color of the leaves which will be darker and growth will be faster as compared to normal crops without MegaSilica


  • Add MegaSilica at the time of soil preparation. It can be mixed with the fertilizer.
  • For rubber, tea, coffee, fruit and flower plantations, a small part of it should be applied near roots while sowing and in old plants by digging and applying near roots.
  • For lawn use, for optimal results, mow the lawn, apply MegaSilica soil conditioner and water the lawn sufficiently. While only one application of the product is needed, repeat after 30 - 60 days if necessary