MegaSilica Organic Soil Conditioner, AgriDiatomSil Insecticide
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Spring, TX 77393
Telephone: 1-832-458-2622

1. What is MegaSilica soil conditioner?
MegaSilica is a freshwater, food-grade organic soil conditioner derived from amorphous silicon dioxide. It is used as a soil amendment to improve the soil’s physical qualities and its ability to optimize the uptake of nutrition for plants.

2. What are the benefits of using MegaSilica?
It has been noted to increase the crop yield, improve the quality of crops, and reduce post-harvest losses.

3. Can I use it on any crop or plant?
Yes, it is an agricultural/horticultural product and can be used on any crop or plant.

4. How much should I use?

  • Rice: 165 lbs per acre
  • Cotton: 110 lbs per acre
  • Sugarcane: 110 lbs per acre
  • Soya Bean: 165 lbs per acre
  • Tobacco: 55 lbs per acre
  • Vegetables: 110 lbs per acre
  • All other agricultural crops: 110-165 lbs per acre
  • Fruit plants: 8-16 ounces per plant (to be applied near roots)
  • In flowering plants: 8-16 ounces per plant (to be applied near roots)
  • Turf and Landscaping: 2.5 lbs per 1000 sq.ft.
  • Broadcast spread and incorporated into the top 4-8 in. (10-20 cm.) using an off-set disc plough or rotary hoe for sugarcane. Generally all SiO₂ is applied at the time of soil preparation.

5. How often should I use it?

  • In case of crops, each time the soil is readied for the crops.
  • In case of trees or shrubs, once a year either in spring or fall.
  • In case of other applications, once a year.

6. Do I have to use any special equipment while applying MegaSilica?
Even though this product is organic and food-grade, it is always advisable to wear a face mask and eye protection. People who are allergic to silicon dioxide should use proper safety equipment.

7. Is it safe around children and pets?
Even though it is a food-grade product, it is advisable to keep away from children and pets.

8. How quickly will I see the results?
Generally speaking, you will see the results in 4-6 weeks. However, depending on the crop, the timing may differ.

9. How long is the shelf life?
The shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture as shown on the packaging.