As a solution that protects your leafy greens from pests, AgriDiatomSil is a wonder that showcases the best applications for Diatomaceous Earth. This natural, DE-based insecticide is your go-to solution for organic pest control, ensuring that your lettuce spinach, and like crops are safeguarded throughout their growth.

Diatomaceous Earth: A Natural Wonder

It is composed of the fossilized remnants of diatoms and is a type of amorphous silica known for its abrasive and highly absorbent properties. The efficiency and user-friendliness of AgriDiatomSil make it the best diatomaceous earth for plants on the market.

AgriDiatomSil for Whole Vegetable Life Cycle

AgriDiatomSil is a good example of diatomaceous earth’s adaptability for vegetables. With no pre-harvest interval, gardeners can apply it right up to the day of picking, ensuring that plants are continuously protected without the worry of harmful residues.

The Blooming Benefits: Diatomaceous Earth for Flowers

Not limited to edibles, the benefits of DE extend to ornamentals as well. AgriDiatomSil works just as well as diatomaceous earth for flowers, encouraging strong development and keeping pests away with a mild effect.

Mastering the Application

For the best results, spread 4 pounds of AgriDiatomSil per acre in 50 gallons of water.  This fine DE mist sticks to plant surfaces well and forms a barrier that keeps out a variety of insects, including whiteflies and aphids.


AgriDiatomSil stands out as an all-natural, safe, and effective DE pest control option for your crops/gardens. Accept this environmentally responsible option and take pleasure in the peace of mind that comes with using a product that promotes the wellbeing of the earth and your plants.