For growers of oilseed field crops such as cotton, peanuts, and soybeans, pests like aphids, boll weevils, and armyworms are more than a nuisance—they are a threat to livelihood. AgriDiatomSil steps up as a diatomaceous earth organic insecticide, providing a safe and effective treatment that’s kind to the earth and tough on pests.

AgriDiatomSil – Fortifying Crops with Diatomaceous Earth

This natural, non-chemical pesticide, rich in amorphous silica, does more than just deter pests; it serves as a soil conditioner and contributes to the overall structural improvements as a soil amendment. AgriDiatomSil is the definition of multi-functional, embracing the myriad uses for diatomaceous earth.

Aphids to Weevils: A Natural Remedy

Farmers now have a solution that requires no pre-harvest interval, allowing applications right up until harvest time, and there are no restrictions on the number of applications per season. By mixing 4 lbs in 50 gallons of water, AgriDiatomSil creates an effective barrier on all plant surfaces, a necessity in combating pervasive pests.


AgriDiatomSil is not just about pest control; it’s about adopting an agricultural approach that respects and protects the environment. It’s about ensuring that the cotton is as pure as the intentions behind its cultivation, the peanuts are as wholesome as the soil they spring from, and the soybeans carry with them the legacy of sustainable farming.