When it comes to agriculture, silicon is a silent hero among the many elements needed by plants to grow, offering countless benefits to crops. You may not have thought about it so much, but most probably, silicon is there in most places. Among the most captivating forms of silicon that have gained attention recently is amorphous diatomaceous earth. It is an organic and natural product that can unlock the benefits of silica in Agriculture. In this article, we’ll get into some interesting facts about amorphous diatomaceous earth.

What is Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth?

Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a naturally occurring material that is silicon-rich. It is comprised mostly of silica and is derived from the fossilized remains of diatoms and tiny aquatic organisms. The ancient oceans and lakes once accommodated abundant diatoms, which, upon their death, sank to the bottom, leaving behind their exoskeleton rich-in-silica bodies. As a result, sedimentary deposits formed over millions of years, leading to the creation of diatomaceous earth, which is currently being mined for different agricultural applications.

Why is Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth better than Crystalline Silica?

Amorphous diatomaceous earth is a better alternative to crystalline silica due to its high solubility when applied in plants. Unlike amorphous diatomaceous earth, crystalline silica is found in different soils, but its crystalline structure reduces its solubility, which makes it less available to plants. On the contrary, amorphous diatomaceous earth provides a more soluble form of silicon. This increased solubility ensures that silicon can be absorbed by plants with ease, leading to enhanced growth, strength, and overall health.

Where can Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth be Used?

  • Improving soil characteristics: Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth can be used to improve the characteristics of soils by increasing their water retention and availability. This helps agricultural crop plants survive under dry conditions.
  • Utilization in Crop Health: Studies have shown that diatomaceous earth as a bio-input in agriculture improves soil quality and increases pest and stress tolerance in plants, leading to increased crop yields and crop quality. It can be mixed with other fertilizers or manure to support better ecological management practices in farming.

Can Silica Be Used in Soil or as Fertilizer?

The silicon present in diatomaceous earth makes it useful as soil or fertilizer for its large silicon content and solubility. Since the 1970s, it has been known that crops are deficient in silicon, and research has proved that optimizing the supply of this element results in better plant health by enhancing them against insect pests and diseases as well as higher yields. Diatomaceous earth, being a natural source of silicon with a large surface area and amorphous structure, is readily soluble, making it an effective option for use as a fertilizer.  

Is Amorphous Silica Good for Plants?

Amorphous Silica or Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth is a plant’s secret weapon. Here’s how it flexes its green thumb:

  • Enhanced Growth: Amorphous Silica quickens the growth of cell walls, making plants stronger and facilitating faster growth.
  • Nutrient Uptake: It is crucial in increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption by roots and helps in achieving a balanced nutrient profile.
  • Strength and vitality: Amorphous Silica reinforces cell walls, which in turn makes plants more immune to diseases and pests.
  • Robust Flora: With Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth, You will no longer have fragile twigs and stalks in your plants.
  • Rich Green Foliage: You can expect vivid leaves and flourishing greenery.

How to Use Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth?

  • Blend: You can mix Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth into your soil or growing medium and watch your plants grow bigger and stronger.
  • Spray: Water down the Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth powder and sprinkle it on a plant’s leaf. It gets absorbed by the plant.

Where to Buy Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth?

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Embrace Amorphous DE that transforms ordinary plants into botanical champions. So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding plant enthusiast, sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth magic and watch your greens flourish.