Legume farming is a challenging business owing to attacks of pests and the harmful impacts of chemical pesticides.
Let’s not worry further, MegaSilca has the best savior AgriDiatomSil for you. It is an Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth-based product. It is natural, organic, and environment-friendly. AgriDiatomSil protects the crops with no downside, it can be applied at any stage of the crop life cycle.

Unleashing the Power of Diatomaceous Earth

AgriDiatomSil makes most of the DE, it functions as the soil conditioner while being applied for pest control. It’s not just a safeguard; it’s an enhancement for your soil, acting as one of the most effective soil amendments available.

A Fortified Front Against Pests

Farmers use AgriDiatomSIl to create a barrier between pests and plant surfaces, this is done by spraying the mixture which is made of 4lbs of AgriDiatomSIl and 50 gallons of water. It targets a wide array of pests from aphids to whiteflies, ensuring your legume vegetables grow unhindered.

AgriDiatomSil Offers a Holistic Approach

The properties of the AgriDiatomSIl go beyond pest control, it nourishes the soil too thus labeled as a Dual-Action Hero. It’s a testament to how diatomaceous earth for plants is revolutionizing the way we approach plant health and pest management.

A Blooming Advantage: Diatomaceous Earth for Flowers

While beans and peas are the stars, AgriDiatomSil is also beneficial for flowers, proving its versatility and reinforcing the holistic health of your garden.


AgriDiatomSil is the ally every organic gardener and farmer dreams of—an all-natural, effective, and easy-to-use product that respects the earth and its inhabitants. Embrace this earth-sourced solution and watch as your legume vegetables thrive, naturally.